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Getting started is easy
A variety of employers offer RideECO Select to give their employees tax-free transit fares. This includes employers of every size, in every industry category of the private sector plus the public and non-profit sectors. There is no minimum order size – a program can be established for even one employee!

From experience, we know that most employers enrolled in RideECO Select because their employees asked for it. But there are other reasons including:
  RideECO Select improves a company's benefits package and allows it to be competitive with other companies that offer transit benefits
  It is a great employee recruitment and retention tool
  Employers and employees save on taxes
  It is a way to show an employer's concern for environmental issues
  It is a response to the high cost of commuting alone by automobile, and lets employees know that employers are sensitive to the stress and cost of commuting
Why RideECO Select?

Your employer can offer RideECO Select because it can be a low or no-cost benefit and is easy to administer. Best of all, all transit operators and vanpools accept RideECO vouchers and our Stored Value Card. In addition, we offer transit passes and tickets, which allows for even more convenience.

RideECO Select is also a flexible benefit. It can be provided as a pre-tax salary deduction (like a 401-K), as a new company-paid benefit, or as a combination of both.
How do I tell my employer about RideECO Select?

Tell your boss or HR manager about RideECO Select and have them check out this website

  Call 215-592-1800 or email and request that a RideECO Select representative contact your employer. Be sure to let the representative know your employer’s name, title, and address. The most common contact for benefits programs information is usually the human resources manager.
  Put a note in a suggestion box
  E-mail your HR/Benefits Department with your request
  Speak with other employees and have them make similar requests
  Speak to your union about RideECO Select