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Getting started with RideECO Select is easy.

First steps…

1.   Decide on a Service Option: Comprehensive, Distribution Support or Enrollment Support.
2.   Create your Service Agreement. If you have selected the Comprehensive service option, simply fill out the online form on the Service Agreement page. If you have questions, or to sign up for the Distribution or Enrollment Support service options, please contact us by email or phone (215) 592-1800.

Typical Timeline (can be customized to your preference)

Two weeks to launch program On average, it takes two weeks from the time you sign your Service Agreement until enrollment can begin. It may be possible to fast-track this process.
Employees enroll through 1st of the month Employees can enroll and make changes to their order through the 1st of the month.
Two business days after 1st of the month Two business days after enrollment ends, employers can access invoices. The invoice lists all employee orders for the month.
By 11th of month Employer notifies RideECO Select of any necessary changes to invoice.
Implement payroll deductions Employers decide when payroll deductions are taken if RideECO is offered as a pre-tax benefit. One option is to take deductions on or around the 15th of the month, so that vouchers are paid for by employees before distribution. As another option, deductions can be distributed evenly over each pay period.
Payment received by 15th of month Employer must provide payment for the invoice total by the 15th of the month.
RideECO vouchers and Stored Value Cards mailed no less than five days before end of month RideECO vouchers and fare materials are mailed approximately the 20th of the month via USPS First Class mail (if payment is received by the 15th). RideECO Stored Value Cards are mailed once around the 20th of the month, and then re-loaded in subsequent months around the 25th of the month. Employees will receive vouchers in time to buy fare materials for the following month. Electronic loads to PATCO FREEDOM cards will be loaded by the end of the month.
Planning for a successful program…
1.   Speak with your RideECO Select representative to set up a rollout date.
2.   Instruct your payroll or human resources department to develop a spreadsheet of eligible employees. This file identifies employees eligible for transit benefits and defines who has access to the secure portion of the online ordering system.
3.   Work with your RideECO Select representative to decide how the benefit will be marketed to employees. Your RideECO Select representative can provide you with educational materials and is available to make a presentation about the program.
4.   Contact employees through email or memo to explain the program; samples are available from RideECO staff.


  Update your HR handbook to add a description of the program.


  If you are using Comprehensive or Distribution Support service options, advise employees to look for an envelope from Edenred Commuter BenefitsTM(ECB) envelope in their mail. (ECB) handles fulfillment of RideECO Select orders. Designed to prevent theft, the plain envelope may be mistaken for junk mail.