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RideECO Select offers three service options to choose from Comprehensive, Enrollment Support, or Distribution Support.

Program Fees

For All Service Options
Set-up Fee $0 for 1-49 employees
$250 for 50-499 employees
$500 for 500-999 employees
$750 for 1,000 or more employees
Distribution $3.25 per participant per month
Service Fee 2% of face value of RideECO products ordered

Service Options


This is our standard and most popular service option. It provides integrated online enrollment and distribution support services. Benefits are ordered and administered online in minutes, and vouchers, fare materials or Stored Value Cards are delivered directly to employee home or office addresses. If you have a large number of employees, limited human resources and payroll staff, or multiple locations, and are accustomed to online benefits administration, the comprehensive option offers the greatest convenience and value.

How it works

Once you have signed a service agreement, we will schedule an implementation webinar to show you how to access your reports and upload your file of          benefits-eligible employees. After we confirm that it has been received, RideECO staff will create employee communications about accessing the RideECO Select website and instructions for signing up. Interested employees have until the close of business on the 1st of the month to sign up. After the 1st you will have access to an invoice and data file of your employees' RideECO selections. When payment is received, we will send RideECO vouchers, fare materials or Stored Value Cards directly to your employees' home or office, per your direction. Fare cards (i.e., PATCO FREEDOM Card) and the Stored Value Cards are loaded before the end of the month.


If you prefer to distribute the RideECO vouchers, fare materials or Stored Value Cards in-house, but want to take advantage of our online enrollment service, consider the Enrollment Support option. Employees manage their benefit online, and employers have easy access to order histories and deduction reports.

How it works

You send us a list of benefits-eligible employees and send your employees information on accessing the RideECO Select website. At the close of the employee order cycle, you will have access to an invoice and data file of your employees' benefit selections. When payment is received, the RideECO vouchers and fare materials are shipped to you in bulk to distribute to employees. Stored Value Cards are sent once, and then re-loaded in subsequent months.


If you want the convenience of product delivery, but do not need enrollment support, consider the Distribution Support option. This option works well if you prefer to manage employee orders directly, if you give every employee the same RideECO value, or if your employees do not have internet access.

How it works

You provide the data used in the shipping process, typically as an Excel spreadsheet. We then send RideECO vouchers or Stored Value Cards directly to employee home or office addresses.

Custom Services

It is also possible to tailor RideECO Select services to meet particular employer needs. Please call 215-592-1800 or email us if you would like a custom option created.