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RideECO Select is a premium service that makes administration of your company's commuter benefit program easier and more flexible.

It's the simplest and most economical way to deliver commuter benefits directly to your employees. Our online ordering service makes enrollment a cinch and promotes greater participation and tax savings.

RideECO vouchers, transit fares, and Stored Value Cards provide tremendous flexibility for commuters and are fully in compliance with Section 132(f) regulations. RideECO vouchers and cards may be redeemed for tickets, tokens, and/or passes for use on all regional public transit systems. RideECO vouchers come in seven denominations that can be combined to meet any level of participation, up to the IRS maximum. RideECO Stored Value Cards can be loaded with any whole dollar amount up to the monthly limit. The RideECO Stored Value Card offers the additional benefit of personalization, balance protection and monthly re-loads. In addition, RideECO is now offering fare materials (monthly passes, ten-trip tickets).  Best of all, RideECO provides tax savings to employers and employees!

Key Features Include:
Direct Mailing
  RideECO vouchers, fare materials and Stored Value Cards are sent to employee home or office addresses
Ultimate Flexibility
  RideECO vouchers and Stored Value Cards can be redeemed for all types of fare media, including tickets, tokens or passes
  RideECO vouchers and Stored Value Cards are accepted by all regional public transit agencies
  The RideECO Stored Value Card is personalized, offers balance protection and is re-loaded each month
  Stored Value Card users can redeem the card in one transaction or over multiple transactions
  Vouchers are good for 13 months
  RideECO benefits can be loaded directly onto transit agency's fare cards (i.e. PATCO's FREEDOM Card)
Optional Internet-Based Ordering and Management
  Online system for employee orientation, enrollment, and ordering
Email order confirmation
  Enrollment can also be done by mail or fax
Maximize Participation
  Easy for regular and infrequent transit users to participate
  Not tied to open enrollment
  Integrates with smart card programs like the PATCO FREEDOM card as they become available from transit agencies (provides an "electronic load" of benefit dollars instead of vouchers)
Cost Effectiveness
  The economical delivery and administration service for commuter benefits
Support Services
  RideECO representatives are available to present program benefits and demonstrate system to employees
  A range of employer and employee educational materials are available