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Thank you for your interest in RideECO Select!
RideECO Select can help you save up to $1000/year on Federal Income and FICA taxes.

If your employer does not yet offer RideECO Select
If you are an employee interested in having your company offer RideECO Select, click here for tips for getting your company enrolled.

Current and New Participants in RideECO Select
If you are an employee currently participating in RideECO Select, please login on the Home Page. If you are enrolling for the first time, click here. If you are a new employee and are unable to login, please check with your human resources department to confirm your eligibility for program participation. If you are having problems with accessing your account or need your password reset, please contact Customer Support at 888-235-9223.

If you are looking for general program information, please call us at 215-592-1800 or email us at RideECO@dvrpc.org.