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RideECO Select is the simple, economical, efficient, and flexible way to provide your employees with a transit benefit. With RideECO Select, administration of your company's transit benefit program takes just minutes each month! RideECO vouchers, transit fare materials (like passes and 10-trip tickets) and Stored Value Cards are delivered directly to employee home or office addresses, and there are options for quick online enrollment, ordering, and reporting. Stored Value Cards are re-usable and transit fare cards (i.e., PATCO FREEDOM Cards) will be re-loaded each month. Offering a transit benefit has never been easier!

RideECO is a commuter benefit program that provides tax savings to employers and employees. Never heard of RideECO? Click here.

RideECO Select is brought to you by the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission in coordination with Edenred Commuter BenefitsTM.

What is RideECO Select?
RideECO Select provides personalized delivery and optional internet-based ordering for Section 132 commuter benefits. RideECO makes your transit benefit program simple to initiate and easy to maintain. No more vouchers to distribute, no more tracking down employees! RideECO Select is especially ideal for employers with large numbers of employees, multiple locations, or limited human resources or payroll staff. With the flexibility to change voucher orders each month, RideECO Select maximizes program participation and tax savings, and is convenient for both regular and infrequent transit users to participate. No transit benefit administration service is as versatile or economical as RideECO Select.

What are the fees for RideECO Select?
RideECO Select has minimal set-up fees and low operating costs. Pricing is based on company size and order amount. In addition, fees include coverage by our insurance plan to to provide compensation for products lost in the mail. For more information on program options and fees, visit the How to Get Started and Service Options pages.

RideECO Select is the only locally-based and non-profit commuter benefit administration and delivery service for commuters who live and work in the Delaware Valley, Northern Delaware, and Central Pennsylvania. If you are located outside of these regions, we may be able to assist you. Please call 215-592-1800 for details. Program fees are often balanced by—or significantly less than—the payroll savings employers reap by instituting RideECO as a pre-tax payroll deduction.

For more information, please contact the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission at 215-592-1800 or email an inquiry.
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